How to Maintain swimsuits

Our swimsuit are made with care, here in the UK using top quality fabrics, but as with all swimsuits you need to take a little care of your swimsuit if you want them to last longer, as they may fade or stretch out without proper care.

Swimwear produced with CARVICO fabrics are made from long-lasting polyamide and Lycra (from INVISTA) yarn, so that they can withstand chlorine or salt immersion

Rinse well with clean water after use, some sources suggest wetting swimwear with clean water before immersion in a swimming pool and there are even pre swim products available to get the best life. Sensible and careful rinsing of harmful chemicals is the best advice.
You can wash your swimsuits using mild soaps.
It is advisable to use mild soaps or a suitable mild washing liquid to remove chlorine and chemicals from your swimsuit. Mild soaps or liquids will do the cleaning without affecting the fabric of the swimsuit. Washing detergents with harsh chemicals or bleach can aggravate the fading and discoloration caused by the sun and sand.
You can go for machine wash but with a maximum of 40° washing, but ideally handwashing is best. Also, spot removers or harsh chemicals must never be used.
Swimsuits that are embellished with crystals, beads and embroidery are more delicate and need extra care while washing and cleaning.
Never dry your swimsuit under direct sunlight.
After washing your swimsuit, dry it in airy place. Never hang the swimsuit in direct sunlight and never use spinner to dry your swimwear.
It is suggested to place your suit in a towel and lay it flat for drying to maintain its elasticity.
It is advisable not to use hanger or hang the swimsuit as this will cause the water to go into the bottom and lead to stretching.
Proper swimwear storage increases the durability of your swimwear
Never store a damp or moist swimwear in your bag or closet as it can affect the durability of your swimsuit adversely.
Always use a separate cabinet to keep your swimsuits, and do not store them in place with rough surface. It is advisable to keep away the cosmetics and sharp things while storing your swimsuit to avoid wear and tear. Also, never iron your swimwear. You should also avoid contact with sunscreen lotion as they are not swimsuit friendly and can affect the elasticity and rubber of your swimsuits. It can also leave stains on your suit.

Removing sand from the swimsuits.

Getting sand out of your bathing suit is a dilemma that most beach lovers face frequently. Most sunbathers would like to quickly toss their swimsuit into the washing machine to remove sand embedded in their swimwear. Unfortunately, after attempts of machine washing to remove the sand, damage to your suit is the ultimate result.
If you've tried to remove sand from your bathing suit and failed, follow these steps to keep the beach out of your suit and turn your sand-removing frown upside down.
Step 1
Rinse your suit in cold water. Fill a tub with cold water. Place your bathing suit in the basin and let it soak for 10 minutes. Gently remove the water from your swim wear. Rinsing the suit will remove any extra debris before you attempt the next step.
Step 2
Lay the suit flat to dry on a towel. Drying the suit allows the sand to be removed easily. Find a cool dry place for the suit to dry. Do not place the bathing suit in direct sunlight to dry. The sun could cause your swim wear to fade.
Step 3
Shake the sand off the dry swimsuit. After the suit is completely dry attempt to shake the suit vigorously to remove the sand. Use a dry towel to rub the sand off the suit to remove any leftover sand on the garment. Do not use a brush or harsh surface to get rid of the sand. Bathing suit material has a tendency to stretch and pull easily if it is scrubbed too hard.
Step 4
Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until no sand remains in the bathing suit. Sand removal may require you to repeat the first 3 steps at least twice. But it is better to take meticulous care to remove the sand by hand, than risk stretching or discolouring your suit by throwing your swimsuit into the washer and dryer for a fast cleaning.

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