The Stoma Cup

A must-have product! We cannot believe how good this product is. Allows you to have a bath or shower without your bag. Also great when changing bags, a third hand to help you. You’ll never know how you did without one.

The Stoma Cup attaches easily with an ostomy belt (not included but available free on prescription in the UK). The Stoma Cup gives you a third hand, holding a piece of absorbent material over your stoma to catch any unintended flow. You’ll now experience the freedom and convenience of having both hands free to clean up and attach your new appliance. 

When bathing or showering it feels like you don’t have a stoma, no more wet bags.

Made from high quality moulded plastic, can be used over and over again.
For other great ideas including specially designed underwear for ostomates, see online at or phone 0345 460 1910 for full details or information about our other products.

Benefits of Stoma Cup
Protects your stoma when bathing or showering.
Frees your hands when changing.
You’ll never know how you managed without one.

Instructions for use.
Attach belt to stoma cup (Hollister and Convatec belts work fine).
Place absorbent wipe inside cup (to absorb any unintended flow).
Place around your waist then you are ready to remove your appliance.
Clean area around stoma then place Stoma Cup (with wipe inside) over stoma.

You can now continue your changing routing or have a shower or bath.

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