Deluxe Wool Mixture Trouser

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A classic tailored trouser in a 45% wool 55% polyester mix. Features higher waist, zip fly, adjustable (outwards) waistband.Three Colours

Please select your waist and inside leg measurement.

Trouser sizes / Measurements

Inside leg- choose the length that you would normally purchase. We have three leg lengths available, 27 inches, 29 inches and 31 inches.
Waist- measure your waist two inches (5cms) above where you would normally measure and select this waist size. Do not allow extra or the trousers will be too big for you.
N.B the flexible waist trousers expand outwards. So if your waist measures 38 inches (for example) then order the smaller size 36 inches, otherwise you may find the trousers are too big for you.

Manufactured by Chums.

Please note: due to high demand delivery may take up to 1 week.