An Array of Stylish Women’s ostomy underwear & swimwear.

Convenient and Tailored Designs

Be Confident in the Pool

The women’s stoma Alicia swimsuit from White Rose Collection has a lightly gathered front and removable strap, which makes for a very attractive design. All of our women’s range is higher in the waist area and has a special, full-width universal inner pouch, which keeps your bag under control, away from your skin, and prevents it from dropping down the leg line.

Each piece of our swimwear range has a double-lined front panel, which provides a smoother outline. The swimsuits are also designed with a special inner pocket, which is suitable for all types of stoma. The pocket keeps your pouch under control and away from the skin, while it also stops it from dropping down the leg line. With our swimwear range, you will be comfortable and confident.

Underwear Designed for Comfort

One selection of our women’s underwear is made from Microfibre. The best way to describe Microfibre is light and cool while also being supportive. It feels great next to the skin and is also very stretchy, giving you a snugger fit. All of our Microfibre range is available in white, black, or nude.

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